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Inheriting the essence of millennium textile culture

Textile is a very ancient human production activities, in the distant prehistoric times, humans will be able to know some of the shorter fibers spun into long yarn, and then woven into cloth, textiles become a symbol of human civilization.

culture1.jpgAbout 9,000 BC, the inhabitants of the Mesopotamia Zagros mountain range, the first to tame the sheep. They twisted the wool with both hands and twisted the raw wool yarn.

Around 7,000 BC, humans began to use the fuel rod (spinning rod) and spindle spinning.

This method continues for thousands of years, can produce some good quality yarn.

The emergence of spinning wheel to promote the progress of spinning technology. Spinning car originated in China, can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period, the Song Dynasty appeared a large spinning wheel of water, the Yuan Dynasty Huang Daopo invented three spindles spinning wheel, spinning machine spinning handmade textile machinery to the peak.


Western industrial revolution, spinning from manual production into industrial production. In 1899, the invention of ring spinning machine, the new spinning machinery can be spun out the thin and strong yarn. The spinning machine, the spinning machine, the spinning machine, the spinning machine, the spinning machine. And the same period and the invention of the steam power of the combination of machinery applications, improve production efficiency, speed up the pace of the textile industry. With the progress of the textile industry, mankind has gradually entered the textile fashion of modern society.