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    Zhejiang Chengyi Artificial Fur Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise founded in Italy by the founder of Italy, which is an ancient civilized country and a strong promoter of wildlife protection. When the company was founded named a man-made fur Co., Ltd., to sincerely protect the wild animals for the purpose of environmental protection of man-made animal fur products dedicated to the concept of human beings, the production of green imitation fur to be true and difficult to distinguish the effect. Product development from the equipment manufacturing, the company most of the new product fur is made by a proprietary equipment, some of the characteristics of imitation fur products only one company unique production, short-term counterparts can not be imitated. Products are widely used in clothing, home textiles, toys and other industries. Cheng a company to take advantage of the contemporary popular man-made fur product development of the grasp, the implementation of dyeing, weaving, printing, Penhua, Burnt-out, water-printing integration of special processing, to achieve a unique development effect and production advantages. With an annual output of 2,600,000 meters long plush HP fur, short plush BOA fur 1.1 million meters, warp polyester POLY fur 2 million meters of production capacity, to meet the needs of contemporary global consumption levels.

    The world's wild animals on the verge of extinction, and a dedicated artificial-made wild animal fur, for which the company established a good corporate culture, customers over the years by the praise and the establishment of a very long-term friendly relations of cooperation to achieve win-win purpose. Waiting for new and old customers!